Infinity Ceiling

Introducing Infinity Ceiling, a tension fabric ceiling panel that provides uniform, diffuse, shadowless lighting across the entire installation.

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Infinity Ceiling is a fabric ceiling panel luminaire, manufactured in the UK from ‘tier 1’ components with an anodised aluminium frame and a tensioned woven fabric front. Innovative technology provides impeccably dot-free, diffuse lighting across the entire surface, creating a shadowless effect on the floor below. A CCT of 4000K and CRI >90 is standard meaning the light quality is exceptional

Available in continuous panels 1.4-2.9m wide and 0.7–25.3m long, Infinity Ceiling can fit many projects. Exceptional acoustic performance is a bonus.


Infinity Ceiling Options

Model OptionsInfinity Ceiling
Optic OptionsDiffuse Uniform Output (Shadowless)
CCT/LED Options4000K
CRI Options>90
Power Options12 W/m^2
22 W/m^2
Luminaire Length0.7m - 25.3m
(See Specification Guide for possible dimensions)
Max Chain LengthN/A



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